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Please read these tips before submitting your first paper

Bad "weather": if our sun symbol isn't shining and you need a quick response, seek feedback elsewhere, or look for a face-to-face appointment instead. Keep refreshing the appointment calendar; it is updated in real time.

Prioritization: Submissions by degree-seeking undergraduate students receive priority, followed by those from graduate students. If you're not a current undergraduate, know that we will try to get to you--but the weather symbol will not accurately reflect the wait time.

Limits: Online sessions count towards the number of sessions per day or week that a student can have. For example, undergrads can have two coaching sessions per week. An undergrad could have two sessions online, two sessions in person, or one of each kind--but NOT two sessions in person and an additional one online.

Changing your mind: You may realize at some point after submitting your draft that you no longer need feedback (maybe you were able to get a face-to-face appointment or see your TA, for example). If that happens, please email us at writing_center@unc.edu so we can remove your submission from the queue and help the next person in line!

Browsers: Firefox works best with this software application. Safari is usually ok. Chrome is so-so. Internet Explorer is bad.

Getting a helpful response: Be as specific as you can about your concerns. Our coaches depend on the information you give us to craft useful, relevant responses.